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25 painted optical illusions

Images that distort reality.

The artist Robert Gonsalves has created truly unique and surrealist paintings that deceive the viewer’s perception. Each work offers a dualistic representation of the world, confusing reality with fantasy, which, merging together, create a magical atmosphere. The works express the real and the imaginary, in a single painting, in which it is possible to explore beyond the physical limits, but remaining without a logical explanation. The viewer is continually forced to change his perception.

The Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves, born in 1959 and died in 2017, began painting at the age of only 12. Being interested early in the perspective and only later in the art. He studied architecture with a passion for the art of the surrealists, for magical realism and finally for the perspective illusions of Escher and Magritte, who had a great influence on his paintings.

Here are the 25 amazing surreal paintings that I advise you to look carefully, if you want to grasp the extraordinary nature of the optical illusions of this interesting artist. Nothing is as it seems and every work contains something magical … The talent of the artist to create a parallel reality in every illusion is breathtaking. Good fun!

Stop and meditate:

Robert Gonsalves

Robert Gonsalves illusioni ottiche illusioni ottiche

illusioni ottiche

illusioni ottiche illusioni ottiche

illusioni ottiche illusioni ottiche Robert Gonsalves illusioni ottiche Robert Gonsalves illusioni ottiche

Robert Gonsalves illusioni ottiche Robert Gonsalves illusioni ottiche

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