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10 things you didn’t know about Donald Trump

10 Interesting facts about Donald Trump that you didn’t know

In the end, against all official predictions, Donald Trump won the election and became the 45th President of the United States. There are those who speak of a protest vote against the U.S. leadership. which has now saturated the citizens.

Of Donald Trump you have now heard everything, you know who he is, what he did and why he is running for President. What you probably do not know are 10 curiosities that concern him and that they paint a picture between the grotesque and the fun. Here they are:

1) He is worried about having short fingers, an attribute that was highlighted by the satirical magazine Spy which gave rise to beats concerning not only the size of the fingers…


2) He loves Amanda Knox and is convinced of his innocence. In a post by Tweeter he proposed an economic boycott of Italy for the process he defined as “disturbing”.

donald trump worship amanda knox

3) He declares more than he is estimated. Nobody in the world would dream of declaring more than what is estimated, at least for tax reasons, but when megalomania takes over, there is nothing to be done. The prestigious magazine Forbs gives him a net worth of $ 4 billion. But he adds, “I’m 7″. And after a while … ” indeed, 10 ”!

donald trump dichiarazione redditi

4) Use a special hairspray for his famous hair. It’s called Helmet Hair (literally ” Hair Helmet ”) and is produced by Farouk Systems firm based in Texas.

donald trump lacca per capelli special lacquer hair

5) Eat the pizza leaving the pasta there. Already! it sucks away the ingredients and only those are swallowed. For him, pasta is a sort of disposable dish. He is a teetotaler and does not even drink coffee or tea. Consume all the lunches on the desk.

Donald Trump eating pizza

6) He is a lot of a liar. But this concerns more or less any person who claims to be high-level politics. According to the PolitiFact website, which analyzed all of its official statements, 46% are false, 19% are false, 21% false and only 2% are true.

donald trump bugiardo-liar

7) He was the protagonist of two Realities on business. The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. He was put there to judge the future managers despite him having 4 bankruptcies behind him. In his defense we must say that it is always raised.

Trump Celebrity Apprentice

8) It gives its name to everything. And from a marketing point of view is not really a great idea. It deals with business in many sectors and therefore there is Trump mineral water, Trump meat, Trump lamps, Trump (then failed) airline etc …

donald trump tower holiday

9) He financed his campaign with a tricksy. He declared self-financing, in fact he did it only for the modest sum of $ 250,000. It then lent 17 million and a half dollars, to self-return with interest, through the funding of private individuals who will come and that will cover the debt created by himself against himself!

Donald Trump election campaign

10) He is in love almost oedipal of his daughter Ivanka. ”If it were not my daughter I would get engaged, ” he has stated several times publicly.

ivanka trump e donald trumpdonald trump kisses ivanka-ad

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